BIOLAB Eberswalde - Offenes Forschungslabor für Mikrobiologie

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On this website you will find informations about our research activities. We host an open laboratory in eastern Germany close to Berlin. In Eberswalde we are embedded in the local "Makerspace" Initiative with 3d printers, lasercutters, cnc-cutters and much more equipment. Our primary target is to develope susaintable packaging made of mushrooms and agricultural waste. We just started the lab wen still look out for financial support, new community members, many new ideas and projects. We are also registered at:
There you can find the global network of biolabs arround the world. We would love to hear from you!!

Your biolab-team from Eberswalde =)

Schlagwörter: Labor, Forschung, Lab, erfordern eine partizipative und transparente Wissenschafts- und Forschungskultur, Forschungsmöglichkeiten
Themen: Umwelt, Bildung, Ernährung und Konsum


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For more information, write us at:

Or visit us at:

BioLAB Eberswalde
Havellandstraße 15
16227 Eberswalde

Standort: havellandstraße 15, eberswalde

Projekt-Administrator:  Fatih Böyük , Malte Larsen

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